Introduction to FRONTIER!

All the things you MUST know about FRONTIER. This should be the first stop for all new signings!

Introduction to FRONTIER!

Postby Peoples Choice » Thu May 17, 2012 9:34 pm

Hello, good morning/day/afternoon/evening and welcome to Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER!

First off, congratulations on discovering the jewel that is our little wrestling promotion and a massive thank you for even considering becoming a part of the family.

There are four main elements to FRONTIER:

• Wrestling
• Fun
• Competition
• Wrestling

Yes, I really put wrestling in there twice. After all, wrestling matters, amiright? Some eFeds allow you to write things that consist of soap opera-esque stories that concentrate on you, your family, friends, dog, maid, neighbours… whatever. But here in FRONTIER we’re all about the wrestling. For more on this check out the relevant sections under the FRONTIER Universe forum.

Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER, more commonly referred to as just FRONTIER and very rarely as PWF, is based in Southampton, England. We tour small venues all over the UK and currently have three titles which are looked after by the championship committee (called the Global Frontier Crown); the GFC World Heavyweight Championship, GFC Commonwealth Championship and the GFC World Tag-Team Championships. We like to think that the Commonwealth Championship is one of the aspects that makes FRONTIER so unique and we encourage new FRONTIER handlers to check out the seperate thread which outlines what that title is all about. Also the other titles really are World belts, having been defended in multiple countries and in multiple promotions.

FRONTIER is a small independent promotion, akin to the early days of ROH or PWG. There’s been a trend of “Indy eFeds” out there over the past five years and we’d like to think we’re one of the best (following in the same tradition as Peach State Wrestling, WARPED, EXODUS and FGA). We were awarded for our early success by being voted runner up Roleplay Fed of the Year in EWZine's 2011 Awards.

We started back in June 2011 with monthly shows and in February 2012 we moved to fortnightly cards, although occasionally we've had to slip back to monthly shows dependent on the availability of our handlers and staff. In 2014 FRONTIER closed briefly during a change of ownership, being reborn as an Angle fed and continuing the great work enjoyed in the RP days with many of the same handlers staying with the fed.

Our results are written in a way that reflects our Indy status, a show report is posted the day after the show and will re-cap everything that happened. From March 2012 the reports also included full write-up segments, like having video highlights of everything between matches. But we won’t do full written matches, not yet at least, I mean what Indy promotion gives away their matches for free online?

So if you like the sound/look/feel of FRONTIER then why not complete an application form (in the Roster sub-forum) and join in the fun? If you do decide to join us, or if you already have, then your next stop should be to read the other Mandatory Knowledge threads as well as the rules.

Thanks again for checking us out and if you ever have any questions just drop a PM to the leadership team!
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