01/03/15 - St David's Day Massacre (Cardiff Motorpoint)

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01/03/15 - St David's Day Massacre (Cardiff Motorpoint)

Postby styg » Tue Mar 17, 2015 6:10 am

Our first show of 2015 saw - among many other huge events - former Fear & Loathing member Sterling Everett return attacking both World Heavyweight Champion Sean Sands and Commonwealth Champion Mia Scott with a barbed wire cricket bat, and the consolidation of Silas World's supremacy as Diana Tremblay and Marie Jones, ahem, "defeated" Dragons Unleashed for the World Tag Team Championship. A lot of angry people want revenge, their due, or simply to be heard... and boy did that anger boil over in Cardiff. To make matters worse, the official #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship - Anastasia Starling - was hospitalised by Zack Lifer in a sickening attack at a recent (R)Evolution Wrestling show. We hope all FRONTIER fans will join us in wishing Ana a fast recovery; unfortunately it also means that, right now, FRONTIER needs to find a new challenger for Sean Sands. But will Angelica Jones and the Global Frontier Crown be able to agree on who's deserving?


Casey Black vs Joey Edwards

Loud although somewhat mixed reactions for both men as they return to the FRONTIER ring, particularly Casey Black in his first match in the UK since the GFC Invitational final against Anastasia Starling. They tag hands briefly before the bell then lock up. The two seasoned international stars begin by trading technical holds, but it only takes a couple of minutes before Edwards powers out of a rear waistlock and busts out a springboard spinning heel kick in response. He uses his speed to keep Black off balance, dazing the Mad Cunt and scoring a couple of near falls on him as the match progresses. But when Casey reverses a huracanrana into a cradle of his own, Joey isn't quite quick enough off the mark and he eats a big kick to the face after kicking out. Every time the former leader of The Revolution stands, he's brought back down with an armdrag until finally Casey completes A Story At Three with a big lariat that flips his opponent upside down. Then Casey hauls Joey up in a front facelock, lifts him up vertical suplex style... sitout facebuster! How's It Taste, Motherfucker? connects! He rolls Edwards over for a fall worth two point eight. Feeling emboldened by this, Casey grins and lifts Joey up in an inverted suplex for Fade To Black to end this. But Joey kicks his legs to bring himself down behind Casey, breaks free of Casey's grip and boots him in the small of the back, and takes him down with a snap inverted DDT.

That marks the end of Casey's comeback, and after a moment to catch his breath, Joey takes control again with some stiff strikes. The Great and Mighty one works over the Titan of the Teabag with intelligence and ruthless pace, never allowing Casey the opening to regroup. Joey scores several near falls over Casey with impressive moves including a springboard 450 splash and a bridging vertical suplex. But Casey still has fight when Joey lifts him up for a powerbomb - perhaps even his Genocide Bomb - and forces Edwards to halt the move with some just-strong-enough rights and lefts. They go for the same idea and a pair of roundhouse kicks strike home; Joey's is stronger, dropping Casey back to the mat, but Joey stumbles against the ropes. He comes back off them and assails Black with a rolling thunder - but Casey gets the knees up! The Revolution founder's kidneys crash right across them!

Casey's slow to his feet, but Joey is slower as he's really feeling the effects of those knees. Black powers in for a shining wizard but Joey allez-oops him up and over and spins. He goes for a dropkick as Casey rebounds, but Casey ducks low and runs past it, and as Joey kips back up to his feet, he eats a Black Attack II springboard leg lariat! Casey covers for a very near fall, but Joey kicks out. But Casey follows that up with the Fade to Black, and despite the punishment he's suffered, manages to hold Joey down just long enough for the three count!

Your winner, Casey Black!

What a fast paced, exciting opener for the Cardiff fans! Casey Black makes good on his statement that he's here to win, but Joey Edwards reminded the FRONTIER fans just why he's an international star too!


After the opening match of the night, the shot changes to the backstage area, where we see the current GFC World champion, Sean Sands. Sands is preparing for his upcoming match against Sterling Everett as we see him performing multiple situps, a surprising view since he just went through hell less than 24 hours ago against Jimmy Page, Johnny Karma, and Chandler Scott. He stops performing the situps when he turns to his left and sees a familiar face.

Jay Pride: Hey Sean. How you holdin' up? Hell of a match last night.

Sean sighs before he slowly gets himself to his feet, wiping the sweat off of his face.

Sean Sands: Could be better. Could be worse. But if I can still go, I'm gonna still go, ya know?

Jay Pride: That's the attitude that makes a world champion, Sean. But Sterling... he musta been watching A New Odyssey. I'll bet he smells blood. Be smart out there, aye?

Sean scoffs at the mention of Sterling Everett.

Sean Sands: Sterling Everett isn't going to beat me tonight, I can guarantee that. At least, not by himself, he can't. Now, if a certain group run by a leech seems to find their way ringside... who knows?

An ambivalent look crosses Jay's face; he clearly has feelings on this subject his position as the GFC's liaison to FRONTIER forbids him to express.

Jay Pride: Well, one good bit of news - I think Silas himself ain't here tonight. Unless he's incognito, which... well, not so much his style, but like you said - who knows? But yeah. I don't think either you or Sterling are too high on the Silas World Christmas card list right now - not since he ran down Angelica's title reign from last year. I'll be ringside keepin' an eye out, don't worry.

Sean nods.

Sean Sands: Appreciate it. By the way, heard about Anastasia. Sounds terrible, man. And I hate to say it, but I'm gonna need a number one contender for this upcoming supershow and I really don't think she's gonna be ready to go. Any thoughts on who I could be facing next?

Jay Pride: Oh god, that was awfy. I mean, Zack Lifer's always been capable of monstrous things but even for him...

Jay grimaces and shakes his head.

Jay Pride: But yeah, clearly Ana's in no position to wrestle any time soon. Sure you won't be shocked to learn Silas World are pushin' for another shot for Diana. GFC are lookin' at a few names too. Think that a match between you and Shane Tallin or Jess Lasiewicz could behuge, and I'm inclined to agree. All just bouncin' ideas at this point though. Soon as I know, you'll be the first I tell.

Sean Sands: I see. Well, you're a busy man and I don't want to hold you up anymore. You got things to do and so do I. I'll see you after the show, I guess.

Jay Pride: Aye. Good luck out there thenight, an' like I said, I'll keep watch for Silas World.

With that, Jay leaves Sean to get back to his preparations.


Chivalry Is Dead
Arcadia Chavez vs Crystal Swift vs Jessica Lasiewicz

The equally deranged Arcadia and Crystal start trading blows immediately... steel chair blows, that is! Arcadia lets Crystal hit her with a chair and then Crystal does the same, letting Arcadia hit her with a chair, in an odd game of one-upmanship. Then Jessica comes in with a Singapore cane, blasting both of them over the head. Jessica with a snap suplex on Crystal on a trash can, but Arcadia with a Death Blow onto Jessica on a steel chair! She goes for the cover but Crystal breaks it up. Crystal with a Crystal Kick to Arcadia, kicking a steel chair back into her face and sending her outside. She then delivers a neckbreaker onto Jessica onto a steel chair. Crystal goes after Arcadia and attempts a piledriver onto the ring steps, but Arcadia back drops out of it sending Crystal plummeting to the concrete floor. Arcadia turns around and flies off the steps and lands with an elbow drop onto Crystal. Jessica then comes flying off the top turnbuckle with a moonsault in the ring to the outside, taking out both ladies! Jessica rolls Arcadia back into the ring. Jessica goes for Our Lady Peace but Arcadia ducks and lands The Scythe. Crystal back in with Crystal Clear to Arcadia! She covers but Jessica breaks it up. Crystal goes for Crystal Clear on Jessica, but Jessica counters with an Our Lady Peace! She locks Crystal up in the Four Card Trick. Crystal fights, but in the centre of the ring and with Arcadia still down from Crystal's own finisher, there's not much she can do. In the end, Crystal taps out.

Your winner, Jessica Lasiewicz!


"Men of Harlech" begins to play over the PA system of the Cardiff Arena, which elicits a cheer from the fans.

Men of Harlech, stop your dreaming
Can't you see their spearpoints gleaming?
See their warrior pennants streaming
To this battlefield

As the first verse of "Men of Harlech" ends, sometime wrestler for Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER, Simon Jones, emerges from behind the curtain, followed by former member of the roster of Frontier Grappling Arts - and Cardiff native - Natalie McKinley. The duo are greeted by a loud cheer from the fans; conspicuously, Natalie is wearing a replica Wales rugby union jersey.

Men of Harlech stand ye steady
It can not be ever said ye
For the battle were not ready
Welshmen never yield

Simon and Natalie slowly make their way towards the ring, savouring the reception from the crowd, and slapping hands with the fans that reach out to them on either side of the aisle.

From the hills rebounding

Crowd: *Clap Clap*

Let this war cry sounding

Crowd: *Clap Clap*

Summon all at Cambria's call,
The mighty force surrounding

Crowd: *Clap Clap*

After arriving at the ringside area, Natalie leaps up onto the ring apron, and steps through the ropes, while Simon clambers up the steps, and into the ring.

Men of Harlech, on to glory!
This will ever be your story
Keep these burning words before ye:
Welshmen will not yield

As Simon goes to collect two microphones from Jenni Starr, Natalie walks to the side of the ring that is nearest to the camera, looks out at the crowd, and raises both of her arms, to further cheers and applause from the fans; she then turns around and walks to the opposite side of the ring, before again raising both arms, to more cheers and applause. When "Men of Harlech" ceases playing, Simon is about to hand one of the two microphones to Natalie, only for the fans to start a chant.

Crowd: Do the Ayatollah, Natalie! Do the Ayatollah, Natalie! Do the Ayatollah, Natalie!

Natalie grins, and at the urging of the crowd, she performs the Ayatollah - a gesture used by the fans of Cardiff City F.C., that is done by repeatedly patting the top of the head with both hands. The fans cheer Natalie, and as Simon hands her a microphone, the attention of the fans is turned towards him.

Crowd: Do the Ayatollah, Simon! Do the Ayatollah, Simon! Do the Ayatollah, Simon!

Simon hesitates at first, but he then places his microphone on the canvas, before acquiescing to the fans' request for him to "do the Ayatollah." The fans cheer again, and as Simon reaches down to pick up the microphone, another chant is heard.

Crowd: Do the Ayatollah, everyone! Do the Ayatollah, everyone! Do the Ayatollah, everyone!

The fans amuse themselves, with the majority of them joining in with performing the Ayatollah. Natalie then looks towards Simon, expectantly, but he gestures for her to speak first.

Natalie McKinley: Noswaith dda, Caerdydd!

Simon Jones: Croeso i Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER.

The crowd cheer loudly again.

Natalie McKinley: I'm assuming that you have all enjoyed your Saint David's Day weekend.

Simon glances around the arena, looking at the fans on each side of the ring.

Simon Jones: It looks as though some of you haven't stopped drinking since the final whistle was blown in Paris yesterday.

Natalie McKinley: And as if Wales beating France wasn't enough...

Natalie is interrupted by another loud cheer from the fans, who then start another chant.

Crowd: Wales! Wales! Wales! Wales!

Natalie grins, before continuing.

Natalie McKinley: As if that wasn't enough, this afternoon we got the added bonus of Ireland beating England.

The crowd cheer again for this, almost as loud as before; Simon turns to look towards Natalie.

Simon Jones: How many times do I have to tell you, Natalie? I don't care what the score was - I'm a fan of rugby league, not rugby union.

Simon then turns back to address the fans.

Simon Jones: It has only been two and a half months since I was last inside a FRONTIER ring, when I participated in the GFC Invitational, last December. Of course, that tournament didn't quite pan out how I would have liked it to - perhaps it was asking too much for me to win such a tournament, after not having wrestled for five months. But regardless of that, congratulations to Anastasia Starling on winning the GFC Invitational - she earned it.

There is a polite round of applause from the crowd.

Simon Jones: On the subject of Anastasia Starling, I'm aware that a few days ago, she was the victim of a vicious attack, so I would just like to wish her well, and say that I hope she makes a quick recovery.

This draws another, louder, round of applause from the crowd.

Simon Jones: While Anastasia Starling has a match for the GFC World Heavyweight Championship to look forward to - once she recovers - of more immediate concern for the current champion, Sean Sands, is his match later this evening against Sterling Everett.

The fans boo at the mention of Sterling Everett.

Simon Jones: Sterling Everett - the man that carries around a cricket bat, and who claims to be the saviour of British wrestling.

Simon shakes his head, as he contemplates that notion.

Simon Jones: Firstly, speaking as a fellow Brummie, the only person from Birmingham that should be swinging around a cricket bat is Ian Westwood - or one of the other players for the Bears. But as for you being "the saviour of British wrestling"...

Simon shakes his head again, scoffing at such an idea.

Simon Jones: The rumours of the demise of Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER, and of British wrestling in general, have been greatly exaggerated. British wrestling is alive and well - wrestlers such as Evangelista, Laurel Anne Hardy, Michael Hopkins, and Mia Scott, prove that every time that they set foot in this ring. And so do the numerous British wrestlers that ply their trade overseas...

Simon looks towards Natalie.

Simon Jones: Such as the young lady currently stood in the ring with me.

Simon then looks back out at the fans.

Simon Jones: And as for your claim, Sterling Everett, that Sean Sands doesn't belong here, well, that man has earned his place atop the Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER mountain; he is a very talented wrestler, a fine champion, and a great representative for this promotion.

Simon nods his head.

Simon Jones: I may not be a full-time member of the roster, but I am proud to be associated with Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER. And judging by the fact that this venue is sold out, there are still plenty of wrestling fans in the UK that are proud of Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER.

Simon again glances around the arena, looking at all of the fans that are in attendance.

Simon Jones: But hey, don't take my word for it - the noise that these fans make should be enough to let you know how much they enjoy being a part of Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER. Isn't that right?

Simon points his microphone towards the fans, who respond with prolonged cheers.

Simon Jones: That's what I thought.

Simon quickly glances at Natalie.

Simon Jones: Well, I think Natalie and I - well, mainly me - have taken up enough of your time, so we're going to leave you now. But please, enjoy the rest of the show, and keep up the noise.

Natalie McKinley: Nos da.

As the fans cheer once more, Simon hands the microphones back to Jenni Starr. "Simon Says" by Drain STH then begins to play over the PA system, as Simon and Natalie exit the ring, and as they head backstage, they slap hands with some more of the fans.


Scarlet Flint gets a mixed reaction as she emerged, although her partner Nina Stokes - wearing more than a couple of sticking plasters courtesy of PWP's Queen of the Deathmatch tournament - gets big cheers, to Scarlet's bemusement. Nina takes the mic and thanks the Cardiff fans, promises that she'll be healed up and back in action next time, then wishes her girl luck tonight. Unfortunately for Scarlet, her scattered support diminishes still further when "No Good Advice" hits the speakers. Leanne Evangelista looks all business tonight, and memories of Silas World screwing herself and Laurel Anne Hardy out of their World Tag Team Championship last time out can't be far from her mind.

Evangelista vs Scarlet Flint

The diminutive wrestlers go into high gear right away, criss-crossing as they look for running strikes and takedowns. It's Scarlet with a monkey flip first and she floats over looking for an armlock, but Evangelista reverses into one of her own. Scarlet re-reverses, and the two spend some time on the mat trading holds before breaking apart to a round of applause. Evangelista's experience comes into play when she counters a spinning heel kick with an electric chair lift, inviting the rana attempt. When Scarlet goes for it, Evangelista answers with a ring-shaking wheelbarrow facebuster for a near fall. An even closer fall comes a minute later, when Evangelista counters a flying seated senton into a sheerdrop powerbomb. Evangelista lifts Flint up from behind in a dragon sleeper, no doubt looking for the Lime Street Loop. But Scarlet kicks back, connecting a heel to the inside of Leanne's thigh. As Leanne doubles over, Scarlet spins one-eighty and catches her with an uppercut. Evangelista sags back, then returns fire with a European of her own, pushing Flint's head down at the same time to make it the signature strike of Shane Tallin's Battlegrounds academy.

Flint stumbles to one knee - then comes back with a knuckle jab to the side of the forehead! Evangelista clearly wasn't anticipating the dirty move, and is stunned. Scarlet snaps Evangelista to the mat with a DDT, then goes for an Indian deathlock. But Evangelista manages to kick her away. As they begin trading holds and counter-holds on the mat again, Evangelista's experience again factors in as she uses her broad frame - an inch shorter than her opponent, yet forty pounds heavier - to pin down key mobility points on Scarlet' slight body. But Scarlet impresses the fans when she finds a textbook handstand escape from a headscissors, and catches the sitting Evangelista with a fast dropkick to the chin. She drops a knee across the collarbone and digs down hard. When the ref warns her, she drags Evangelista up by the hair and throws her backwards in a beautiful bridging northern lights suplex. It's all the winded Evangelista can do to push sideways to break the bridge.

Scarlet punishes her opponent with a mixture of quick strikes, impactful suplexes and running takedowns. After a couple of minutes she connects with a stiff Power Shift combo, the palm thrust into the STO, then shows off with a deadlift German suplex to her heavier opponent. After taking a moment to flex her, ahem, "muscles", Scarlet drops down ready for the lightning fast tornado kick she calls A Beautiful Death. Evangelista rises, and Flint strikes. Evangelista ducks the first kick... ducks the follow through! Scarlet's left facing away from her, wondering what happened - until she feels Evangelista grab her from behind for the Headbreaker!

NO! Scarlet with a second low blow mule kick, this time hitting somewhere much worse than the inner thigh, and then she turns and leaps into an enzuigiri! Evangelista's dropped to her hands and knees and A Beautiful Death comes for her again. She ducks the first kick... takes the follow through full on! Scarlet scrambles over her for the pin, and braces a foot against the bottom rope for good measure. One, two... three!

Your winner, Scarlet Flint!

After the match Stokes - who, from her place at ringside, missed certain questionable elements of the ending - slides in and proudly raises Flint's hand, but also helps up and congratulates her friend Evangelista, which doesn't seem to sit amazingly well with Scarlet. Still, Scarlet hops up on the turnbuckles to celebrate her big win.


We go backstage to a locker room where GFC Commonwealth Champion Mia Scott sits, halfway prepared for her title defense later in the night. She's dressed and ready for the match, but her hands are only half-taped; she's seated in the corner of the room staring at her phone, and the GFC Commonwealth Championship itself is no where to be seen. Whatever she's looking at, she keeps dragging her finger down her phone's screen, watching it try to update... then come back with nothing; try to update... then come back with nothing. She scowls at the phone, mumbling... something to herself, only finally looking up when the locker room door opens and shuts, and into the frame steps the former GFC World Champion and current liaison to the GFC itself, Jay Pride.

Jay Pride: Mia...

Despite whatever’s got her wound up, Mia flashes a smile to Jay - a bit obviously phony of one, judging by the former GFC Champion’s incredulous look toward the Canterbury girl.

Mia Scott: Hey, Jay.

Jay Pride: How you daein'? Feeling ready?

Mia glances at her half-taped wrists, her unlaced boots, and the bag in which both the GFC Commonwealth and ECWF United States titles lay. She scoffs a little bit, shaking her head briefly.

Mia Scott: No, but... I don't guess there's any chance I can get out there early, huh?

Jay Pride: Sorry, Mia. I've tried everything I can.

The Commonwealth Champion's nerves seem to get a bit more frazzled by that bit of news, reaching up and running a hand through her hair, huffing out the breath she took in. Her eyes close, her head knocks back against the wall...

Jay Pride: What's got you wanting to go out early, anyway?

Mia Scott: It's...

Mia sighs again, moving her gaze from the ceiling, to her friend, to the floor, and back.

Mia Scott: Just... bitta personal business, yeh?

Jay Pride: Well, if you need to talk about it I'm here - as the GFC liaison and as your friend.

Mia Scott: Just... too much shit going on, Jay. I got rumours following me around that Lacey's bloody psychotic, drug addicted, and most importantly DEAD ex is watching our house, I got fuckheads in FGA dragging my personal life through the mud, I got Silas World waiting with... who the hell knows what to try and screw me tonight, and on top of it all...

Mia huffs, knocking her head back against the wall again, a slightly solid THUD filling the locker room for the moment.

Mia Scott: She failed a drug test for fucking Oxi... I know she ain't been to a doctor, have that prescribed again... means...

Mia can't make herself finish the sentence... least of all the comparison in her head. It visibly causes her to shiver, drawing her lip into her mouth as she turns her gaze back to Jay again.

Mia Scott: Yer sure I can't go on early?

Jay Pride: Running order's already been signed off. Cannae make such a big change at this notice. Only person with that power's Angelica an' I can't get ahold of her.

Mia’s head slumps a little bit...she can’t help but scoff a little bit, just staring down at the ground.

Mia Scott: Heh... never thought I'd be trying to get out of being the main event...

Jay Pride: C'mon, chin up. She'd want you focused on tonight, aye?

One hand of the Commonwealth Champion grips the wrist tape dangling off the other hand. She stares at it briefly, silent, then wraps it a couple times around her hands, tearing it off a bit more aggressively than she might normally.

Mia Scott: Yeh... I guess...

Mia glances up at Jay with as much of a smile as she can force herself to make - more of just a bit of a curled-up lip. She pinches between her eyes a little bit, brushing hair out of her face.

Mia Scott: Thanks.

From that, we mix back to ringside.


Krissy Spencer & Summer Newman vs Matt Kail & Serena Raine

The two experienced teams start off hot, with many fast tags and some high-impact double team moves inside the first five minutes. It's Spencer and Newman in charge with an abdominal stretch and kicks to the ribs... no, it's Raine and Kail in charge with a double suplex lungblower... no, Krissy and Summer regain control with a double chickenwing facebreaker! Incredible conditioning and endurance on display from all four, as all four take some extremely nasty hits early on. Things start to slow down eventually though, with more submissions coming into play. Neither team is shy about breaking up pins and submission attempts and there a few places where it seems like the match would be over if a partner had been just a shade slower. A big breaking point comes when Serena goes for a Poetry In Motion off Matt, only to be caught by Summer and swung out over the apron where Krissy brings her all the way down to ringside with a cutter. Matt crushes Summer against the buckles with a hip block then snapmares her out into the middle of the ring and connects with a Thank You, Pain kick, but Krissy reaches under the ropes and drags him out as he covers. Raine and Kail help each other up at ringside - and are wiped out by a suicida from Summer Newman!

The former members of the English Purity Movement take firm control over the graduates of Shane Tallin's Battlegrounds Academy, keeping Serena isolated in their corner and preventing Matt from being able to come to her aid. Serena comes close to making an escape a couple of times, but her opponents always find a way to bring her back. Eventually she gets an opening with a stunner and tags Matt who comes in as the proverbial house on fire, knocking down both Summer and Krissy with big strikes. He turns the tables by isolating Summer, and once Serena's rested up, he lets her back in for some revenge. Krissy comes in aiming to stop Serena in her tracks but she's cut off by Matt who sends her right over the ropes! Krissy again drags Matt out, while Serena drops Summer with a chop block and keeps the leg held to twist it into Liquid Pain. Krissy throws Matt into the barricade then comes in and breaks it up, but Serena drops her with a Violent Serenade. Summer responds by downing Serena with her own stunner, the Money Clip. Summer rouses Krissy and they go for the double team but Matt grabs their ankles from ringside and yanks them both onto their faces. While they right themselves Matt climbs onto the apron. Krissy makes a go for him but he drops to ringside snapping her neck across the top rope, and she stumbles back into Summer! Summer's knocked off balance and she walks straight into a Rain Of Blood neckbreaker from Serena! Serena with the pin. One... two... Krissy rushes across but Matt drags her back... three!

Your winners, Matt Kail & Serena Raine!


The show cuts backstage to where a little man is stood, dressed in his blue body suit as well as a Bestia Non Grata t-shirt that some fans may recognize from it being shilled out on Twitter. He’s smiling widely, as is clearly visible through the opening in his mask.

Kickass Smurf: 'Sup, buddies!

He says, excitedly, throwing a double thumbs up at the camera.

Kickass Smurf: For those of you who don't know me, lemme introduce myself. My name is Kickass Smurf and I'm here in Pro Wrestling FRONTIER for one very simple reason.

Two reasons if you include his desire to try and get close to Leanne Evangelista, but he's not likely to admit that on camera.

Kickass Smurf: To be the smurfiest wrestler I can be. It's my aim, my goal in life to be the most smurftacular wrestler in Britain today and if that means I have to wrestle the length and breadth of these countries; from Lands End to John O'Groats, Dover to Belfast, I'm gonna smurf harder than anyone has ever smurfed before…

He's interrupted by sneering laughter from off camera, and a moment later a man walks into frame - a huge man with frosted spikes and sculpted facial hair. He's in a muscle vest, showing off perhaps the buffest physique ever seen on a FRONTIER show. Each of his biceps is about the same size as Kickass Smurf's entire head.

Cloudy P: You got a lot of noise, little man... noise about you from fans and dirtsheets. Noise coming out that vagina you call a mouth under that mask. Hey, why you wear that? You on the run or you just ugly? Nah nah nah, don't answer. I don't give a damn. What I do give a damn about is you stealing my thunder. Cloudy P is gonna be the biggest star in British wrestling. The Tsar of British wrestling. And when I grace a contract for this company with my signature? The only two words anyone can say are "Kickass Smurf." All damn week, in a week that's meant to be all about me, all I hear is "Kickass Smurf." I ain't having that.

This man, apparently called Cloudy P, folds his arms. Muscles ripple like the surface of a lake. Kickass looks down at the biceps of the man standing opposite as he tries to measure them, gauging them against the size of his own head.

Cloudy P: You think you're hot shit, pal? Let's see what you got. Next week, you and me, and I show Britain why no damn blue midget is fit to lace up the boots of a REAL wrestler.

And he slaps his bicep, grinning at the meaty echo in this bare hallway.

Cloudy P: ...or are you a chicken as well as a smurf?

Kickass Smurf: Whoa, buddy, ain't nobody gonna call me chicken. But you wanna interrupt me and be all unsmurfy like that, then you're on, buddy. You and me next week - #SmurfYeah!

Lots of tension there as we fade away. And ole Bobby Belter can tell you, it's officially on! Debutant vs debutant on our next show as Cloudy P takes on the SSWA Heavyweight Champion, Kickass Smurf!
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Re: 01/03/15 - St David's Day Massac (Motorpoint Arena, Card

Postby styg » Tue Mar 17, 2015 6:11 am

Big cheers for OOKAMI no Chi who's been making a decent name for herself lately, becoming the first four-time holder of the GFP World Extreme Championship. Not so much with the cheers for Diana Tremblay, former number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship and current World Tag Team Champion thanks to a blatant display of Silas World favouritism at the last event. In a callback to the final moments of Steel This Show, Diana is greeted with a shower of refuse from the stands. She sneers at the fans for the disrespectful act as she enters the ring and locks eyes with OOKAMI, who's bouncing side to side on her feet and rolling her wrists.

Diana Tremblay vs OOKAMI no Chi

The two competitors circle to start with. As soon as they lock up, OOKAMI opens the bidding with a gutwrench powerbomb and a cover! Diana kicks out and as OOKAMI whips her into the corner, Diana uses the ropes to push herself backwards over the charging OOKAMI's head, and she drops the wolf-blooded warrior with a sitout neckbreaker for a two count of her own. The early portion of the match continues in much this way, with the two women continuing to trade bombs and kickouts for an almost exhausting amount of time. The closest fall in the first act goes to OOKAMI, from a military press dropped into a sitout piledriver - even Diana seems surprised that she got the shoulder up in time, although of course she doesn't admit it. The passionate OOKAMI makes the mistake of getting caught up in mourning her chance, and pays the price when Tremblay connects with a big kick to the face.

Diana holds the advantage. She works through a sequence of connecting volleys of stiff strikes, then using a takedown to move OOKAMI into a new position for a new set of kicks or elbows. After a couple of minutes of this her opponent is visibly flagging, and Diana goes for a series of covers, which OOKAMI has either the strength or the deep-coded bloody-mindedness to push out of. Diana lands a running step-up knee smash and covers again, getting a two point nine, and then as OOKAMI gets to her feet, Diana gets yet another near fall with a bridging Aztec suplex. Diana takes a second to scout, and aims a spinning heel kick at OOKAMI as she rises - and OOKAMI throws all she has left into catching Diana in an Argentine rack and, in the same motion, twisting and dropping her on her head! Chasedown bomb! The fans go crazy, but OOKAMI has no energy left even to crawl across and drape an arm over Diana.

The two wrestlers both only just beat the twenty count, and come together in the middle of the ring. Diana goes for a back chop. OOKAMI absorbs and fires back with an open palm jab to the forehead. Diana stumbles, but comes back hard with an elbow smash right across the jaw that whips OOKAMI's head nastily. But OOKAMI spins and answers with a roaring elbow! Diana drops to her ass, and OOKAMi hits a shining wizard. She covers and Diana kicks out on the two. Diana pushes herself to her hands and knees but OOKAMI's already coming in with a running dropkick to the face. Diana digs deep and kips up, but her face comes straight into where OOKAMI is already placing a superkick. Tremblay flops down and OOKAMI drops backwards over her and pulls a leg up by the tights. Diana thrusts a shoulder up. OOKAMI pounds the mat in frustration, then stands. She crouches down, perhaps looking for a spear, and launches as soon as Diana stirs - and this time her decisiveness costs her, as Diana stays on the ground and finds a drop toehold to trip OOKAMI and send her headfirst into the ringpost! Diana leaps in with a knee to the spine, then drags OOKAMI back to the middle of the ring and treats each of OOKAMI's legs to a spinning toehold.

The self-proclaimed God's Gift to the World signals that it's time to stop playing OOKAMI's game and bring things down to her own pace, and she flies into a cross armbreaker as OOKAMI hobbles upright. The niece of Jun Ikeda thrashes and tries to find some way to brace herself, but Diana wrenches back harder. She starts yelling at OOKAMI to tap, but OOKAMI in Chi - teeth gritted, face as red as her ring attire - shakes her head. With a roar, and demonstrating incredible explosive strength, she pushes herself off the mat and into a standing position with Diana caught over her shoulders! OOKAMI goes for a second chasedown bomb, but Diana kicks away and lands behind her. She trips one of the wolf's ankles out and then drops across her as she falls an elbow spike and a clubbing double axe handle, both to the spine. Tremblay then wraps OOKAMI's legs up in her own and pulls back her arms with a surfboard stretch. Still OOKAMI refuses to submit, and eventually Diana stands - but keeps the hands held, and drills OOKAMI face-first into the canvas with a kerb stomp!

She goes for a cloverleaf, but OOKAMI manages to roll her into a cradle. Diana pushes out of it, and finds herself schoolgirled back down for a two count. OOKAMI with the jumping knee drop but Diana avoids it and goes for a double chickenwing stretch across the knees. OOKAMI breaks out of it, but Diana spins on her side and manages to reattach, this time with a bow and arrow. After a moment OOKAMI pushes back and manages to roll against Diana into a pin, forcing Diana to let go. Diana pushes out from under OOKAMI and rolls her up for a two count. As OOKAMI rises again, Diana goes for The Gift - no! OOKAMI counters into a hammerlock! She looks for the cobra clutch to set up her Blood Moon, but Diana sandbags forward to flip her overhead. OOKAMI tries to respond by lifting Diana up over her shoulders for a Chasedown Bomb, but Diana twists round and manages to slide in a triangle choke! OOKAMI tries to fight, but after a couple of escape attempts fail she has no choice but to tap out.

Your winner, Diana Tremblay!


Where’s north from here?

A huge cheer goes up for the intro to Gorillaz' "Glitter Freeze" and for the emergence on the stage of Laurel Anne Hardy, dressed in green, white and red. She’s looking pretty banged up from a gruelling weekend - taking in, among other things, a punishing performance piece with FGA, the PWP Queen of the Deathmatch tournament and a thirty-minute tag team match with Allison Lorraine against Jessica Lasiewicz and Kyle Butler at GCW Resurrection - but she still has a smile on her face for her second appearance in the Cardiff Motorpoint in the last few days, following a brutal match with Smith Jones in the main event of XWA Massacre. She’s moving slowly, high fiving fans on the way to the ring, wincing each time she raises her arms but still making the effort. Finally she climbs into the ring and takes the mic from Jenni Starr.

Laurel Anne Hardy: Noswaith dda, Caerdydd! Dydd Gwŷl Dewi hapus!

That gets a big pop.

Laurel Anne Hardy: What a pleasure it always is to be in Cardiff, but especially on St David's day! We still got plenty of big stuff to come - Sterling Everett vs Sean Sands and Mia Scott vs Marie Jones - so I don't wanna hog too much time right now, but I got a few people I need to address. One: Silas World.


Laurel Anne Hardy: Last time out, in Sheffield, Silas World fucked me an' Leanne outta the World Tag Team Championship.

More jeers rain down as she references the previous show's main event.

Laurel Anne Hardy: Silas - Angie - Diana - Marie - that little piece of ysgarthion B.Real... have you guys not paid attention to my career so far? Because I fucking guarantee all of you are gonna bleed for the power trip you been on around here.

She raises her right hand in a fist, displaying the Asylum tattoo on the back of her wrist.

Laurel Anne Hardy: That ain't a threat or a promise... it's a cosmic law.

Hardy! Hardy! Hardy!

Laurel Anne Hardy: But they had a little help, di'nt they? Someone else who jumped the rail, snuck attack me from behind an' beat me up. An' I don't like calling out one of Cardiff's own daughters here in this building, on this day... but she left me no choice. AJ Thomas...

Despite this being AJ's hometown crowd, thunderous boos ring out.

Laurel Anne Hardy: I know you're here tonight, AJ, so get ya skinny blonde haliwr arse out here.

And Laurel begins pacing, waiting to see if AJ is indeed in the house. Suddenly "Painkiller" by Three Days Grace blares through the P.A. system drawing out louder boos from the Cardiff crowd as AJ indeed makes her way down the ramp. She has a blank expression on her face. Her eyes lock with Laurel's, and it's clear AJ is taking this very seriously. AJ slides into the ring - keeping a good distance between herself and Laurel. She snatches a microphone away from one of the stagehands then turns her attention back to the woman who called her out.

AJ Thomas: Never really get to use this thing in SSWA, huh? Different. Oh... hiya, Laurel, I know you're angry right now. But I told you for months I ain't a joke, luv. You, the Japanese brats, and just about everyone else who claimed that I would be gone in no time.

Laurel Anne Hardy: That's funny, 'cause I never said a bad word about you until you targeted my friend Suzume Mitsuyoshi for no reason.

Her confidence growing, AJ takes a few steps forward, eyes widening.

AJ Thomas: You ain't deserve the right to call yourself a champion in my country. That's exactly why I did what I did and cost you the Tag Team Championship. What's funny to me is you're doing all this calling me out. But you, just like Suzume, ain't looking too tough in person when it's time to face the Bare Fist Brawler, RIGHT PEOPLE?

AJ looks out to her hometown audience, who nearly boo her out of the building.

AJ Thomas: You ain't gonna show me up in my town, Hardy-

Laurel instantly spreads her arms in a 'come get me' pose. The fans cheer loudly at the idea of them brawling. AJ looks out to them and back to Hardy. She then begins to back up just a few steps as her own people then chant “PUSSY! PUSSY! PUSSY!” - that seems to be enough for little old Alice to abandon her previous idea and run forward right into Hardy! The two Welshwomen fall right to the canvas together and start rolling over, trading punches. There's not an ounce of wrestling on display here, just pure, straight up fighting. Before long things spill through the ropes and the hardcore specialists are soon swinging each other into every piece of ring furniture in reach. Laurel gets the upper hand, and leaves AJ sprawled against the barricade. Hardy backs out... SPEAR!


As Laurel flies past, Thomas whips her for added momentum and Laurel crashes into the barricade. Laurel gamely pushes herself back up but after the weekend of abuse she's taken it's not enough, and AJ mercilessly punishes her with knees and punches before grinding Laurel's face against the steel of the barrier until the two-time Most Popular Wrestler is left a crimson-soaked mess. AJ palmfaces Laurel to the ground then wipes Hardy's blood off her hand using the haafu woman's own long black hair. After laying a few more boots in, AJ turns on her heel and walks away with a grin which could only reasonably be described as "shit eating", all the while being booed out of the building by her own cityfolk.


The incredible tension in the air from that brawl continues into the next match as GFC World Heavyweight Champion Sean Sands faces the man who attacked him and Mia Scott last time, Sterling Everett! Sands and Everett have had quite the war of words on Twitter since then, and now it's time for that war to get physical. As he takes in the negative reception he gets, Sterling reminds the fans he already told them they'd boo him for telling - in his eyes - the truth. Instead they're firmly behind the champion, who emerges to a wall of cheers. The staredown between the two men as Sean steps into the ring says it all. They stand nose to nose, exchanging unpleasant words, both completely ignoring the referee as he pats them down.

Sean Sands vs Sterling Everett

The bell's echo is drowned out by the cheers that rise up as Sean and Sterling instantly start throwing hands at each other. The opening minutes of the match are nothing short of brutal as both the World Champion and the man who's vowed to be his next challenger batter each other literally from pillar to (ring)post. Not an inch of the canvas doesn't find some body part crumpling onto it after a wicked strike, or getting mashed into it from a high impact slam. Sterling - being the more smash-mouth wrestler - is in his element, but Sean is putting all of his 220lbs behind his kicks, takedowns and high flying body assaults and by the time the five minute bell rings both men are panting heavily and swaying from the intensity of their mutual onslaught. They break apart from a moment; Sean, with the better conditioning despite his punishing fourway match one day previously, recovers first and goes back on the offensive with punches to the head of the kneeling Everett. Sands seems close to raging, his documented anger problems starting to bubble up. The ref warns him about closed fists and he backs away to cool off, seemingly as angry with himself as anyone else right now. But the former World Tag Team Champion powers in with a chop block! He stomps Sean repeatedly, then whips him into the corner and stomps him some more. After a belly-to-belly suplex to toss the champ right back to the middle of the ring, Sterling poses over him with one foot on his chest and his arms raised, to massive boos.

Sean throws a shoulder up, but Sterling doesn't care. He drags Sean back up by the hair, throws him up and plants him right back down with a pumphandle neckbreaker, the Extinction Agenda, for a more serious cover attempt. One... two... kickout! This time, Sterling grimaces in anger. As Sands sits up, Sterling wraps his arms around him from behind and throws him overhead with a deadlift Bruiser Suplex! The impact makes Sean roll around, but only for a couple of seconds before Everett pushes him flat. One... two... kickout! Sterling growls and chews on his beard, slamming a huge palm into the ropes in frustration. Finally, he crosses back to Sean... and gets rolled into an inside cradle! One... two... kickout! As both men stand, Sterling swings an outsized lariat straight at Sean's head - which Sean ducks behind! He lets Sterling's own momentum carry him round and Sands lifts him up in an atomic drop! As Sterling stumbles off Sean's knee, he takes a roundhouse kick to the back of the head. Sterling's left on his hands and knees, and as soon as Sean gets his footing back he slams a stiff knee into Sterling's face to drop him. He covers. One... two... kickout!

Sean dances around Sterling, using his speed to maintain control and deny the big man an opening, and not letting his own physical exhaustion catch up with him. Strike follows takedown follows strike as the two-time world champion repays all the pain Sterling has caused him thus far, and the champ scores a very close near fall off a fameasser. Things look shaky for him when Sterling counters a Lip Buster and goes for the tilt-a-whirl, but Sean counters with a satellite bulldog! He quickly follows up with a springboard moonsault. One... two... no! Everett gets a foot on the ropes. Sean scouts him... waits for him to rise... Sand Attack! NO! Sterling leaps backwards, crushing Sean beneath his 250lb frame. Sterling flips round and covers and nets a one point five. Sterling then lifts Sean over his shoulders, but Sean manages to swing out into a DDT to huge cheers. He covers, and likewise gets about a one and a half count.

Once the two men are back to their feet, they again start trading strikes, the crowd oohing with each one. Sean leaves Sterling stumbling with a spinning back elbow. He goes for another Lip Buster, but Sterling catches him powerbomb style! He runs forward, slamming Sean's back against the turnbuckles. Even while he's trapped between the buckles and his mountain of an opponent, Sean starts throwing punches, but Sterling answers with a headbutt that leaves the World Heavyweight Champion reeling. Using his broad shoulders, Everett lifts him up across the top rope, then climbs up after him and starts to set up a superplex. Sean fights back with everything he's got, raining fists on Sterling's crown and ribcage. Sterling returns fire, and the two competitors are both on multiple occasions left swaying precariously. Finally a stunning backflip kick from Sean, all the way up on the ringpost, breaks the symmetry. Sean leaps for a Sand Attack off the top tope - and Sterling counters! He swings him round while hopping one eighty himself, and soars down to slam Sean into the mat with an avalanche powerbomb! The Motorpoint erupts in chants of "Holy shit! Holy shit!" Sterling drags his thumb across his throat and covers. One... two... thre...KICKOUT! Sean thrusts up a shoulder! Sterling punches the mat with both hands and turns on the referee, insisting - no, demanding - that it was a three. But the ref is insistent. Sterling raises a fist to the ref threateningly, then turns and levels the rising Sands with a monstrous big boot. He covers again... and again Sean kicks out just in time!

Sterling shakes his head; he's not having this. He exits the ring and grabs a steel chair, then slides back in. The referee darts over and tries to pull the chair from his grasp, but he kicks him away and blasts Sean square in the forehead with the metal weapon.

The ref, of course, calls for the bell.

Your winner via disqualification, Sean Sands!

But Sterling doesn't look done by a long shot. He lifts Sean to his knees by the hair and hoists the chair up in both hands...

...only to be felled by a lariat from a third party! The crowd roars as Jay Pride comes to his friend's rescue, tearing the chair from the stunned Sterling. While Everett tries to figure out what just happened, Pride helps Sands to his feet, and then both men clothesline Sterling over the top rope. Sterling looks far from happy as he backs away, calling for "Burn Brighter" to be switched off, but he also looks grimly pleased with himself and from the stage taunts Sean by pointing at him and then making the classic belt symbol around his waist. Sean falls back to one knee in the ring shakily, but he makes a "bring it on" gesture which has the fans delighted.


Before the main event begins the video screen flares into life to take us backstage for a moment - where Scarlet Flint has bumped into OOKAMI no Chi. The two women are polite but terse with each other, and after Scarlet notes which woman won her match tonight and which lost it, there is a loaded silence. But they backhandedly praise each other's success with the GFP's new hardcore title, the World Extreme Championship, and the subject of current champion Barry Copper comes up. No kind of truce is made but both competitors seem to acknowledge that right at this moment they have a common target.

We then see a short package video recapping the match between Angelica Jones and Jay Pride at this year's GCW Resurrection, including their respective pre-match thoughts, starting with Jay in a quiet backstage corridor.

Jay Pride: You know, I've always wanted a match against Angelica Jones on this kind of stage. She's one of those bucket list wrestlers for anyone in this sport. But I dadnae want it to come about like this. Ange... when I said I wanted us to have an open, productive business relationship I really did mean that. Believe it or not, I'm no' in GCW to make trouble for you. I'm here to compete. I'm here to be a champion again. To be world champion again. When I healed up from the arm injury that had me out for most of 2014, my flatmate Laurel Anne Hardy recommended GCW as the place I should go.

Jay rubs his cheek for a moment.

Jay Pride: But you obviously either don't believe that or see me as enough of a threat to Silas World that you felt the need to target me in Civil War, to lay hands on me on Shotgun after a hard fought match against The Truth, so... here we are. You're mad at me, Angelica? You see me as a threat to your hegemony? I just represent the interests of the GFC. And I know that you don't like that, but targeting me as a competitor in another company is low.

He pushes himself off the wall he's been leaning against.

Jay Pride: Tonight, Angelica, you are not my business associate. You are not the legend of the ring I've always wanted an honourable match with. Tonight you're the person who's been targeting me, trying to victimise me, for weeks. And that is how I'm gonna treat you. Get ready for everything you've done to me since I joined GCW to come right back at you. And once that last bell rings and one of us has our hands raised... I really, really hope that's it and we can move forward.

With that, the scene mixes to Angelica Jones standing in an interview set with Janice King.

Janice King: I am Janice King and here with me is none other than Angelica Jones, who tonight will face off against Jay Pride.

Angelica Jones: Isn't this cute...

Janice King: What?

Angelica Jones: I am the OWNER of Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER but apparently Jay Pride didn't trust me enough to run MY OWN COMPANY so what does he do? He goes whining to the Global Frontier Crown. He gets them to give HIM power, power to negate everything I do within my own company. All I have to say is one thing...

She smirks.

Angelica Jones: ...Jay, you are a former GFC World Champion, I am a former GFC World Champion. You lost it to Chandler Scott... I BEAT Chandler Scott for that title. I am better than you, Jay, and tonight I prove it inside the ring.

A brief highlights package of their lengthy match plays, showing brutal submission holds and stiff strikes from both competitors. We see Angelica kicking out after the Pride Eater. Jay kicking out after not one but two Hot Shots. Jay reverses an Angel's Arch into a cradle, leading to an incredible exchange of ranas until finally Jay gets Angelica's shoulders down for the three. We then see their post-match handshake, which shocked many fans in attendance. Hopefully this personal animosity between them is over now!

Things quieten down... then pick right back up in a cacophony of boos for Taylor Swift's "Haunted"! Like her co-World Tag Team Champion earlier, Marie Jones - with B.Real at her side - is met with a hail of garbage. She already made history on our last show by winning the Tag Team Championship in her first FRONTIER match (just don't mention that her mother owns the company); tonight she gets a chance to join Chandler Scott and Madman Szalinski in the elite ranks of GFC double champions. But standing in her way is Mia Scott, who's been extremely impressive as Commonwealth Champion - and who's recently made powerful enemies in Silas World and the Jones dynasty. It's obvious from Marie's body language that knocking down Mia would be a sweet bonus on top of winning the title tonight, but the fans are raucously behind Mia as she emerges - except for a couple of bitter Spurs fans since Mia's team, Chelsea, beat them for the League Cup just a couple of short hours ago. Mia runs straight for the ring and takes a swing at Marie, and as Marie blocks and returns the shot, the bell rings.

Commonwealth Rules Match
Commonwealth Championship
Mia Scott [c] vs Marie Jones

The match begins, uncharacteristically for a Commonwealth Rules match, with wild brawling on the mat. When they finally break apart, Marie comes right back in on the attack - but is schoolgirled by Mia. Marie powers out, and Mia rolls her up in a magistral cradle. Another escape... and a backslide from Mia who seems desperate to end this match as quickly as possible! When Jones powers out again, Scott goes on full offensive, slowly twisting into mount as she rains down elbow shots. When Marie seems dazed enough Mia goes for a lateral press and gets a two count. Scott sends Jones all around the ring with stiff kicks, never allowing the Silas World (and Ginger Nation) member a chance to get her bearings. In her haste, she makes several more pin attempts too. When the bell rings for the end of round one, Mia's looking ready to burst with aggressive energy, while Marie seems to not quite know where she is.

Mia comes out hard in round two as well, with a huge kick that drops Marie straight to the mat. Mia with the cover, and Marie powers out on the first count. Mia falls back across her but Marie catches her on her knees and flips her into the air, then hops up with the wrists still held and pulls Mia over her head in a rolling front chancery takedown. Jones floats across into her own mount and gives back all the elbow strikes, but purposely makes them slow to rile the champion up further. Marie starts dictating the pace, keeping Mia on the ground in the centre of the mat with holds to weaken her limbs and transitioning to a new one whenever Mia seems in danger of rallying. But all things must come to an end, and when Jones goes for a figure four, the champion hauls herself forward and drapes over the bottom rope, using her first break. The ref forces Marie away, but instead of regaining a foothold, Mia just stays slumped over the rope and before long Marie is back in with a knee to the spine. By the time the round ends shortly thereafter, it's a complete reversal of the previous break, with Marie standing tall and Mia beaten and sore.

In round three Mia never seems to be able to muster a second wind, and between missed opportunities and slow reactions she's kept on the back foot throughout. But no matter what Marie puts her down with, she keeps powering back up, seemingly on pure instinct. Nonetheless, she never gets in any strong offence of her own, and as the bell sounds this would be a one-sided decision if wrestling had judges.

Marie can feel the win as she goes into round four, and she starts playing to the crowd and toying with Mia. She's taking her time, keeping the Commonwealth Champion down but not going for the kill, and Mia is obviously getting angry. When Marie goes for a Divine Impact springboard moonsault, Mia gets her knees up and is quickly over Marie in mount with barely legal punches. Marie goes for a choke counter, but Mia lifts her right off the mat and plants her with a sitout powerbomb! Mia covers for a two. She hunkers back, looking for the Shining Triangle. She pounces - and B.Real pulls Marie out of the ring! Mia sees red and vaults over the top to take both of them out with a plancha! She rolls Marie into the ring, then punches B.Real onto his ass before sliding back in herself. Marie tries to greet her with a thumb to the eye, but Mia catches her and whips her around, sending her shoulder-first into the ringpost. As Marie stumbles out Mia rolls her up, and grabs the back of her tights for leverage! Marie nonetheless kicks out, and the two women trade a few more holds before the bell rings.

In round five both competitors are taking shortcuts, trying anything they can to end this, and it's a frantic scramble of holds and counters, rakes and tights pulling. After a couple of minutes, Mia manages to work things out so she's up on Marie's back! Marie scrabbles at her opponent fruitlessly as Mia gets ready to flip her over with the Circle Line - and B.Real hits the ring and connects a kick to Mia's jaw! The referee calls for the bell.

Your winner via disqualification, and STILL-

Wait a minute! Shades of our last show as Angelica emerges.

Angelica Jones: No! Yet again one of our title matches ends in outside interference. I'm not allowing this. As FRONTIER owner...

The crowd shout her down at full volume, knowing full well that the boss is about to screw Mia out of her title just like she did to Hardy and Evangelista in Sheffield.

Angelica Jones: AS FRONTIER OWNER! I am hereby ruling that this match-

Jay Pride: Wait, wait wait wait!

He emerges from his ringside position, mic in hand.

Jay Pride: The GFC had a feeling you'd try something like this, Angelica, and they've already mandated that if this match ends in outside interference, the decision would remain. It was voted for and passed. So the decision stands - Mia Scott wins!

Angelica glares daggers at Jay - but he doesn't get much chance to return them as B.Real blindsides him! Meanwhile as Mia hurriedly tries to leave the ring, no doubt in a rush to get back to the airport and get back to the USA to check on her girlfriend Lacey Cohen, Marie blocks her. B.Real slams Jay's head into the guardrail then slides in to help Marie corner Mia. Sean Sands, Evangelista, Kickass Smurf and other heroes of FRONTIER pour out of the back to help, but they're cut off as more Silas World members appear on the scene and rally to Angelica. In the ring, B.Real lifts Mia up in a full nelson and gestures to Marie to take her best shot...

...but Marie is suddenly speared off her feet! B.Real drops Mia and runs at the culprit, a large man with dark hair, but is planted into the canvas with a huge spinebuster! Finally he pauses for a moment and we get a good look at him...

It's Michael Hopkins! The Cardiff fans go ballistic for The Welsh Dragon as he tosses B.Real out of the ring. He helps Mia to her feet, and together they manhandle Marie out as well. As Silas World fall back, Mia and Michael are left standing tall.

After the event, Michael cuts a quick promo thanking the fans for coming, promising FRONTIER will be back in Wales soon and wishing everyone a happy St David's Day.
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